5 Small Business Ideas Of 2015 That You Should Know About

Are you looking for a business opportunity that would not crash you bank account? If yes, then here is what you should know. Starting a small business can be quite a remunerative option for budding entrepreneurs because they get ample opportunities to earn more and invest less. Although there are a few rules and regulations guiding their existence in the present-day world, a small business can still fetch a great deal of returns on investment to entrepreneurs.

Alon Solomon  Alon Solomon

Alon Solomon, the CEO of Elpis Capital, started his entrepreneurial journey with a small venture of providing financial services before he joined Elpis Capital as a senior partner. Being in the business of real estates and investment banking for years now, Alon Solomon has profound knowledge of small and large entrepreneurial ventures that can fetch lucrative returns.

However, this year seems quite promising for budding entrepreneurs because a number of opportunities have come up in this domain. Small business start-ups can reap maximum benefits with these five opportunities of 2015:

  1. Senior Care

The increasing number of senior members in our society is not unknown. With this, the number of senior care services is also showing a rise. Then why not grab this opportunity? But make sure you have all the services- driving, delivery, cleaning, and catering services- ready for senior citizens who wish to stay at home. Senior care franchise is something worth giving a try.

  1. Cloud Advisors

With the growth of social media, a number of business opportunities have surfaced out. Social media management is perhaps the most widely hyped avenue for small business entrepreneurs. Information Technology has made it possible for people to start a business of Cloud Advisors who can make the business case for transferring various applications and processes to the cloud.

  1. Medtech

This is truly a new idea to come up with. The business of creating and making medical devices has never been so popular before. The inexpensive resources like 3D printing and open-source hardware and software makes prototypes quite cost effective to produce. With the burgeoning medical sector, a business in this area can be quite promising for you.

  1. Yoga Centres

Have you ever thought of helping people out with their issues of life and make some money in return? Yoga centres are completely different from counselling centres where the focus is confined to only a few aspects of people’s lives. But yoga deals with a number of issues, both physical and mental, which has made it a popular practice amongst people today. This is an opportunity which you should grab, without fail.

  1. Language Translation Business

There are over 6700 languages being spoken throughout the globe. Then why not start a business that can cater to this polyglot world? Starting a service of language translations of retail websites, videos, and documents can bring you incredible returns. Give it a try.


4 Positives That Make Marijuana A Not-So-Bad Drug

The use of marijuana (mostly known as weed, grass and pot) is no longer confined to merely getting a recreational “high” but has also found voluminous applications in the field of medical science. Being dubbed as “illicit”, marijuana use has been subjected to debatable opinions when it comes to health effects.

Alon Solomon, a researcher who has thrown light on the issue of substance abuse, says that marijuana has several positive angles that prove beneficial for health- both physical and psychological. The following section will erase all doubts from the minds of regular pot smokers who somewhere, somehow feel threatened by their habit:

  1. THC and CBD- Keeps Cancer Away

Research has shown that TCH and CBD, the most active cannabinoids in marijuana, when applied to cancerous brain tissues, kills them and leaves the healthy cells unscathed. These researches have been groundbreaking in the field of cancer treatment in the recent times that can settle the differences in opinions of smokers and non-smokers.

  1. Neurogenesis becomes a possibility

This fact is certainly an answer that would wipe out wrong notions of marijuana killing brain cells. There are no credible evidences that justify the marijuana-kills-brain-cells myth. On the contrary, several researches have established the veracity of the fact that marijuana fosters brain cell growth. In turn, neurogenesis becomes possibility.

  1. Suicide rates plummet

Surprised? It is understandable because this is not a fact that is widely talked about. With depression taking a toll on human wellbeing and taking people towards suicides, marijuana comes as a resort for those who are disturbed. The ecstasy or the “high” you get when you chief up a reefer is seen to bring down suicide rates in a huge population of mentally distressed individuals.

  1. Lung damage from marijuana! What is that now?

There are literally no evidences that show the ill effects of marijuana on your lungs. In fact, smoking a cigarette can cause more damage than smoking a reefer. Many researchers have shown the offsetting effects of the plant for the hazardous smoke properties.

Alon Solomon recommends this article for every distressed individual.

Alon Solomon – Generating Traffic Through Instagram

Are you desirous of promoting your blog online in an appealing manner but some doubts ring in your head? Then, Instagram answers all your questions relating to traffic generation. Alon Solomon suggests useful and interesting tips to get the maximum viewers for your blog on Instagram.

  1. Understand Instagram: Before starting with online traffic generation, a clear understanding of what is and how is Instagram working is extremely essential. Posts that have pictorial representation of a product works extremely well over Instagram. Once an image of the product is clicked and posted on Instagram with the necessary tags, a major step is completed.
  2. Hashtags for visibility: Hashtags form the essence of using Instagram. The proper use of hashtags in the posts would help it become more visible on a global platform. The use of hashtags is therefore an essential thing that cannot be avoided for generating traffic through Instagram.
  3. Link networks: Linking the user’s Instagram account with that of any other social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter would not only increase the visibility of the post but it also opens avenues for the users to meet like-minded people from different locations.
  4. Keep track of trends: the trend in the use of different tags is dynamic and keeping a track of such changes is essential for generating traffic through Instagram. The tags which are used widely in the present scenario would help the post get added to the list of similar posts by other users. Therefore, tracking of different trends for using Instagram tags is unavoidable for success.
  5. More the followers, more is the achievement: Getting huge number of followers on Instagram is a time taking process but once completed, you see tangible results. A large number of followers would mean greater visibility. A huge number of followers would also increase the number of likes and shares for the post and generate traffic on Instagram.

Alon Solomon researches on the latest trends in different sectors and provides informative writings in a clear and precise manner.

Alon Solomon – 4 Ways In Which Mobile Technology Has Changed The Face Of Travel

From bulky and large telephone sets to sleek and multi-functional smart phones, telecommunication has undergone noticeable developments. With passage of time, these developments have brought several sectors into coverage, one of them being travel. I, Alon Solomon aim to throw light on the following ways that have completely changed the face of travel in the present era:

  1. Easy Bookings: Comfortable hotel rooms and rentals could not be booked so easily and conveniently before the smart phones came up with different travel applications. Such a technology considerably helps people to plan, research and book their tours with their smart phone application from wherever they are.
  2. Explore Technologically: With different travel applications becoming an integral feature of smart phones, people have also got an opportunity to explore their destination “technologically”. There are apps that allow them to look for attractions, restaurants, cuisines and nightlife. Everything is just possible with the tap of a finger on the smart phone screen.
  3. Book Rentals Now: This may have become a common feature in many large cities of the world but booking rental cars for commuting within the city is now possible in minutes from your smart phone. The apps that are meant for booking rentals have a sophisticated technology that tracks down the customer and reaches their location in no-time.
  4. Promote Easily Like Never Before: Mobile technology has changed the way in which travel companies promote their services. Sending tailored messages to the target customers is now possible with different applications. Promotion of travel business has become simple, convenient and wider in reach. Credits definitely go to mobile technology.

Alon Solomon researches on the latest developments and their significant influences on people in the present era.


Alon Solomon – 5 Remedies For Hair Fall For Men With Long Hair

Most men choose to grow their hair long and create a style statement. However, just not getting a hair cut for months with no hair treatment can give rise to hair fall issues. I, Alon Solomon have discussed a few remedies that will help men cope with the problem of hair fall.

  1. Throw away rubber bands: Small rubber bands are perhaps a significant reason for the growing hair fall issues of men with long hair. Using a tight small rubber band to tie a ponytail can severely damage hair, making them more prone to breakage. Use elastic rubber bands for maintaining a smooth hair structure.
  2. Oiling for shine: Coconut and almond oils are considered the best therapies for maintaining hair quality. Men should oil their hair every alternate day and use a mild shampoo to wash it off with cold water for giving it a shiny look.
  3. Use mild shampoos for cleaning: Pollution and dirt can cause irreparable damage to hair quality and using mild shampoos after oiling is a good way of keeping the scalp and hair clean. A harsh shampoo treats the hair with chemicals that can cause damage to delicate hair cells which is why a mild shampoo is always preferred.
  4. Conditioner for smoothness: Applying a conditioner to the hair smoothens it and gives it a shine. However, care should be taken that conditioners are not applied to the scalp because it is rendered incapable of breathing by conditioners.
  5. Avoid rough drying: Rubbing the hair dry after washing it can cause hair fall in men. Use a soft towel and pat the hair dry to avoid any kind of damage to the hair texture.

Alon Solomon provides informative pieces to people with different issues. Adhering to these steps would truly bring noticeable results.

Alon Solomon a real-estate and corporate finance expert

Alon Solomon (LLM, MBA) has extensive experience in leading and actively participating in multi-million dollar real estate acquisitions, project and corporate financing, and general investment banking.

Between the years 2007-2012 and following the 2007 sub-prime crisis, Alon Solomon lead, structured and participated in multi-million real estate acquisitions of apartment complexes, office buildings mainly in Texas and New York, USA and taking over bankrupt construction and development projects, and make them profitable. Alon is highly experienced in purchasing, structuring, negotiating and financing of REO assets and has top notch expertise in this field. Most assets acquisitions lead by him, was successfully sold between the years 2010- 2013.

This unique expertise investment, financing, bridge-loans and investment banking, has lead his current position in ELPIS Group (a venture capital fun with expertise in real-estate investment) as senior partner. He right now leads ELPIS business activity and provides effective financing to real estate projects, acquisitions and corporate financing.

Alon has also worked with venture-backed technology start-ups in U.S for the past fifteen years. He also moonlights as a angel investor, who likes to invest in first-of-its-kind incubation and seed stage venture capital fund focused on Technology (Cloud, Mobile and Internet), and Technology-enabled services start-ups in the Healthcare, Education, Financial services and Clean technology sectors.