Alon Solomon – 5 Remedies For Hair Fall For Men With Long Hair

Most men choose to grow their hair long and create a style statement. However, just not getting a hair cut for months with no hair treatment can give rise to hair fall issues. I, Alon Solomon have discussed a few remedies that will help men cope with the problem of hair fall.

  1. Throw away rubber bands: Small rubber bands are perhaps a significant reason for the growing hair fall issues of men with long hair. Using a tight small rubber band to tie a ponytail can severely damage hair, making them more prone to breakage. Use elastic rubber bands for maintaining a smooth hair structure.
  2. Oiling for shine: Coconut and almond oils are considered the best therapies for maintaining hair quality. Men should oil their hair every alternate day and use a mild shampoo to wash it off with cold water for giving it a shiny look.
  3. Use mild shampoos for cleaning: Pollution and dirt can cause irreparable damage to hair quality and using mild shampoos after oiling is a good way of keeping the scalp and hair clean. A harsh shampoo treats the hair with chemicals that can cause damage to delicate hair cells which is why a mild shampoo is always preferred.
  4. Conditioner for smoothness: Applying a conditioner to the hair smoothens it and gives it a shine. However, care should be taken that conditioners are not applied to the scalp because it is rendered incapable of breathing by conditioners.
  5. Avoid rough drying: Rubbing the hair dry after washing it can cause hair fall in men. Use a soft towel and pat the hair dry to avoid any kind of damage to the hair texture.

Alon Solomon provides informative pieces to people with different issues. Adhering to these steps would truly bring noticeable results.


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