5 Small Business Ideas Of 2015 That You Should Know About

Are you looking for a business opportunity that would not crash you bank account? If yes, then here is what you should know. Starting a small business can be quite a remunerative option for budding entrepreneurs because they get ample opportunities to earn more and invest less. Although there are a few rules and regulations guiding their existence in the present-day world, a small business can still fetch a great deal of returns on investment to entrepreneurs.

Alon Solomon  Alon Solomon

Alon Solomon, the CEO of Elpis Capital, started his entrepreneurial journey with a small venture of providing financial services before he joined Elpis Capital as a senior partner. Being in the business of real estates and investment banking for years now, Alon Solomon has profound knowledge of small and large entrepreneurial ventures that can fetch lucrative returns.

However, this year seems quite promising for budding entrepreneurs because a number of opportunities have come up in this domain. Small business start-ups can reap maximum benefits with these five opportunities of 2015:

  1. Senior Care

The increasing number of senior members in our society is not unknown. With this, the number of senior care services is also showing a rise. Then why not grab this opportunity? But make sure you have all the services- driving, delivery, cleaning, and catering services- ready for senior citizens who wish to stay at home. Senior care franchise is something worth giving a try.

  1. Cloud Advisors

With the growth of social media, a number of business opportunities have surfaced out. Social media management is perhaps the most widely hyped avenue for small business entrepreneurs. Information Technology has made it possible for people to start a business of Cloud Advisors who can make the business case for transferring various applications and processes to the cloud.

  1. Medtech

This is truly a new idea to come up with. The business of creating and making medical devices has never been so popular before. The inexpensive resources like 3D printing and open-source hardware and software makes prototypes quite cost effective to produce. With the burgeoning medical sector, a business in this area can be quite promising for you.

  1. Yoga Centres

Have you ever thought of helping people out with their issues of life and make some money in return? Yoga centres are completely different from counselling centres where the focus is confined to only a few aspects of people’s lives. But yoga deals with a number of issues, both physical and mental, which has made it a popular practice amongst people today. This is an opportunity which you should grab, without fail.

  1. Language Translation Business

There are over 6700 languages being spoken throughout the globe. Then why not start a business that can cater to this polyglot world? Starting a service of language translations of retail websites, videos, and documents can bring you incredible returns. Give it a try.


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