Alon Solomon – 4 Ways In Which Mobile Technology Has Changed The Face Of Travel

From bulky and large telephone sets to sleek and multi-functional smart phones, telecommunication has undergone noticeable developments. With passage of time, these developments have brought several sectors into coverage, one of them being travel. I, Alon Solomon aim to throw light on the following ways that have completely changed the face of travel in the present era:

  1. Easy Bookings: Comfortable hotel rooms and rentals could not be booked so easily and conveniently before the smart phones came up with different travel applications. Such a technology considerably helps people to plan, research and book their tours with their smart phone application from wherever they are.
  2. Explore Technologically: With different travel applications becoming an integral feature of smart phones, people have also got an opportunity to explore their destination “technologically”. There are apps that allow them to look for attractions, restaurants, cuisines and nightlife. Everything is just possible with the tap of a finger on the smart phone screen.
  3. Book Rentals Now: This may have become a common feature in many large cities of the world but booking rental cars for commuting within the city is now possible in minutes from your smart phone. The apps that are meant for booking rentals have a sophisticated technology that tracks down the customer and reaches their location in no-time.
  4. Promote Easily Like Never Before: Mobile technology has changed the way in which travel companies promote their services. Sending tailored messages to the target customers is now possible with different applications. Promotion of travel business has become simple, convenient and wider in reach. Credits definitely go to mobile technology.

Alon Solomon researches on the latest developments and their significant influences on people in the present era.