4 Positives That Make Marijuana A Not-So-Bad Drug

The use of marijuana (mostly known as weed, grass and pot) is no longer confined to merely getting a recreational “high” but has also found voluminous applications in the field of medical science. Being dubbed as “illicit”, marijuana use has been subjected to debatable opinions when it comes to health effects.

Alon Solomon, a researcher who has thrown light on the issue of substance abuse, says that marijuana has several positive angles that prove beneficial for health- both physical and psychological. The following section will erase all doubts from the minds of regular pot smokers who somewhere, somehow feel threatened by their habit:

  1. THC and CBD- Keeps Cancer Away

Research has shown that TCH and CBD, the most active cannabinoids in marijuana, when applied to cancerous brain tissues, kills them and leaves the healthy cells unscathed. These researches have been groundbreaking in the field of cancer treatment in the recent times that can settle the differences in opinions of smokers and non-smokers.

  1. Neurogenesis becomes a possibility

This fact is certainly an answer that would wipe out wrong notions of marijuana killing brain cells. There are no credible evidences that justify the marijuana-kills-brain-cells myth. On the contrary, several researches have established the veracity of the fact that marijuana fosters brain cell growth. In turn, neurogenesis becomes possibility.

  1. Suicide rates plummet

Surprised? It is understandable because this is not a fact that is widely talked about. With depression taking a toll on human wellbeing and taking people towards suicides, marijuana comes as a resort for those who are disturbed. The ecstasy or the “high” you get when you chief up a reefer is seen to bring down suicide rates in a huge population of mentally distressed individuals.

  1. Lung damage from marijuana! What is that now?

There are literally no evidences that show the ill effects of marijuana on your lungs. In fact, smoking a cigarette can cause more damage than smoking a reefer. Many researchers have shown the offsetting effects of the plant for the hazardous smoke properties.

Alon Solomon recommends this article for every distressed individual.


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Alon Solomon is correctly counted amongst the many prolific researchers whose knowledge crosses conventional dimensions. He undertakes extensive and productive researches on various domains like health and fitness, politics, entertainment, business and lifestyle. He has written a number of research papers that have not only gained popularity online but also in various educational institutions that impart knowledge on various disciplines. Alon Solomon’s research includes analysing the past and the present situations and provides a representation of the imminent future of the subjects under consideration. He possesses immense knowledge on the latest trends and developments that shape the future. His health and fitness articles and writings have been published across various online media and health magazines that have found voluminous subscribers. When it comes to his researches in politics, Alon Solomon is seen to reflect the need for a just and fair political system that would appease citizens. In fact, his political publications are referred to by many political science departments for academic purposes. Alon Solomon’s knowledge is infinite and highly intellectual that makes him one of the prolific researchers of the present times. His contributions towards imparting research-based knowledge to a multitude of people have been highly remarkable that makes him one-of-a-kind expert.

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