Alon Solomon a real-estate and corporate finance expert

Alon Solomon (LLM, MBA) has extensive experience in leading and actively participating in multi-million dollar real estate acquisitions, project and corporate financing, and general investment banking.

Between the years 2007-2012 and following the 2007 sub-prime crisis, Alon Solomon lead, structured and participated in multi-million real estate acquisitions of apartment complexes, office buildings mainly in Texas and New York, USA and taking over bankrupt construction and development projects, and make them profitable. Alon is highly experienced in purchasing, structuring, negotiating and financing of REO assets and has top notch expertise in this field. Most assets acquisitions lead by him, was successfully sold between the years 2010- 2013.

This unique expertise investment, financing, bridge-loans and investment banking, has lead his current position in ELPIS Group (a venture capital fun with expertise in real-estate investment) as senior partner. He right now leads ELPIS business activity and provides effective financing to real estate projects, acquisitions and corporate financing.

Alon has also worked with venture-backed technology start-ups in U.S for the past fifteen years. He also moonlights as a angel investor, who likes to invest in first-of-its-kind incubation and seed stage venture capital fund focused on Technology (Cloud, Mobile and Internet), and Technology-enabled services start-ups in the Healthcare, Education, Financial services and Clean technology sectors.


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Alon Solomon is correctly counted amongst the many prolific researchers whose knowledge crosses conventional dimensions. He undertakes extensive and productive researches on various domains like health and fitness, politics, entertainment, business and lifestyle. He has written a number of research papers that have not only gained popularity online but also in various educational institutions that impart knowledge on various disciplines. Alon Solomon’s research includes analysing the past and the present situations and provides a representation of the imminent future of the subjects under consideration. He possesses immense knowledge on the latest trends and developments that shape the future. His health and fitness articles and writings have been published across various online media and health magazines that have found voluminous subscribers. When it comes to his researches in politics, Alon Solomon is seen to reflect the need for a just and fair political system that would appease citizens. In fact, his political publications are referred to by many political science departments for academic purposes. Alon Solomon’s knowledge is infinite and highly intellectual that makes him one of the prolific researchers of the present times. His contributions towards imparting research-based knowledge to a multitude of people have been highly remarkable that makes him one-of-a-kind expert.

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